Sewing machines are built well to last for many years without replacements.

Like any other machine, the sewing machine has very many parts which playing a different role. The parts are either electrical or mechanical parts, the parts require regular care while some parts need frequent replacements. Therefore let's look at parts of sewing machine and their functions. janome 8077








1. Bobbin binder spindle -It's where the bobbin is placed during winding.





2. Bobbin winder stopper -It's is used to stop the bobbin winding when it reaches the maximum capacity.





3. Spool pin -Its main role is holding the thread spool.

4. Stitch length dial -Used in controlling the stitch length.

5. Stitch width dial -It has the role of controlling the zigzag stitch.

6. Hand wheel -Used in lowering and raising the needle situated on the right of the machine. juki f300

7. Power switch -It used to switch on or off the sewing machine.

8. Pattern selector dial -It's used in setting the symbol of the desired pattern during sewing.

9. Bobbin winder threads guide -The threads guide are used when bobbin winding the machine.


10. Thread tension dial -Used controlling the tension of the top thread during sewing.


11. Thread take-up lever -It is where the top thread passes. Thread take-up levers initiate the up and down movement with the needle when sewing is taking place.

12. Presser foot -It holds the fabric in the right place. Janome DC2015 

13. Needle clamp screw -Plays the role of holding the needle in its place.


14. Bobbin cover -It's used to cover and protect the bobbin holder during sewing.

15. Bobbin covers releasing button -The button is used in releasing the cover for bobbin to enter safely.


16. Needle -Used in forming stitches in garments.

17. Needle plate- Helps in moving the fabric forward when sewing. It's the metal plate that is situated just under the presser foot and the needle. janome 2212