Why Business Cards Matter in 2015 [Rant]

Why Business Cards Matter in 2015 [Rant] http://youtu.be/8UMp0rBOAYs Business Card Still Matter in 2015! They absolutely do. Somewhere there is someone over 35 that doesn’t want to fiddle with a smartphone when they first meet you, and expects you to give them that business card or you’ll lose their business.

Business Cards are still appropriate based on the CONTEXT of the given situation. It doesn’t have to be that you are dealing with someone over 35, there are plenty of people that age that are tech savvy. But they also still spent the better part of their career asking for business cards and being asked for one.

Business Cards still create a sense of legitimacy and a deeper more personal connection that contact details put into a smartphone. There is no reason not do both, but a business card is going to make your more memorable or leave an impression.

A Business Card may also save that person time and the context of that is extremely important still. Respecting someones time.

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