Sublimation Rotary Heat Press Printing cycling jersey panel without MOQ and setup cost

Save money and Times for mass production garment,
This model Sublimation Heat Press is best for garment pre-cut panel fabric Transfer printing,
Save time:
Heat once all fabric then cut to all panel to be transfer or stock it,
Save Fabric: all garment man know cut all fabric first for production is the best way to save the fabric cost up to 30%,
Save labor cost for production:
two persons operate one on front for place the panel on graphic paper, and one on back for collecting after transfer printing fabric,
Transfer speed at 240 meter as 360 square meter, as 300 pcs T shirt per hours,
Save cost for images paper by Offset printing machine on sheet graphics paper at lower cost for large quantity production, our heat press can take this job for transfer printing.
Roll images paper transfer printing is Simple and easy operate for anyone NO training need,
NO Traning Need for operate,
Drum 50 cm diameter Oil Heater Drum to save the operate cost, Drum width 180cm,
Transfer speed 240-360 meter per hour;
Function Roll to roll, Roll images paper to cut sheet fabric and sheet to sheet Transfer,
More professional More power and More function

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