HP Indigo 7600 Applications and Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM)

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A proven platform with leading quality—now with higher speed and innovative application capabilities. HP Indigo’s Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM) makes it easy for you to deliver high-quality, color digital printing at a lower cost and faster turnaround. Combined with the proven HP Indigo 7000-series platform and new special effects capabilities, the HP Indigo 7600 is versatile press with true digital offset quality.

» 4, 6 or 7 process colors for vivid printing and optimal on-press Pantone emulations.
» True spot colors, mixed off press, for outstanding Pantone-approved solids.
» Widest media range: Compatible with more than 2500 substrates, the HP Indigo 7600 press enables PSPs to offer unique jobs using dark, transparent, metallic, and recycled papers, and paperboard for folding cartons.
» Textured effects: Create embossed-style textures on substrates to give ordinary applications a boost of creativity and uniqueness.
» Raised print: Make raised effects using layers of transparent ink applied directly to the substrate.
» Digital watermarks: Offer customers a new application using one layer of transparent ink.
» HP Indigo ElectroInk White: a unique ability to print a wide variety of new applications on a diverse range of media including transparencies, dark, colored, and metallic substrates.
» HP Indigo ElectroInk Light Black—enhances the quality of black-and-white photo reproduction. Using light black in 2-color printing with black doubles throughput and lowers cost.
» Photo inks—Light cyan and light magenta bring out realistic skin and sky tones for professional photographic printing.

Print color jobs 33% faster with overall cost savings
» Using the HP Indigo 7600’s EPM feature, color jobs use only three inks instead of four, eliminating black ink. Now you can produce color jobs 33% faster while gaining overall cost savings. Jobs printed using EPM maintain HP Indigo’s renowned print quality, while covering a wide color gamut—including black. When choosing EPM mode, the cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) job is sent to the print server and the conversion to CMY is done by the print server. Prepress work is not affected and jobs are prepared as usual.

» For the HP Indigo 7600, this means increasing printing speeds from 120 color ppm to 160 color ppm when using EPM.

Deep color without black ink
» EPM covers a very broad color gamut, including black, while saving time and ink used for the black separation. Thin layers of HP Indigo ElectroInk dry on a rubbery blanket that covers the ITM cylinder and the final image is transferred to the substrate as a ready dry film. This process enables the higher color saturation needed to reach dark color tones without black ink, including black text as small as 7 point.

» The EPM option is also available for previous models of the HP Indigo 7000 family.

What customers are saying about HP Indigo EPM:
» ” It means fewer clicks to get to the same quality, so that helps us raise our profit margins.”
— Doron Lerner, CEO, S. Lerner

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  1. EPM mode have a problem with dark colors printing, color breaking. You mast check all jobs before printing, and after 30 shits. If you have a problem change the blanket temperature to 165-170. 

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