How Will Digital Printing Effect Flexography and the Package Printing Industry?

In this video, Colleen Pritchett, global business director, DuPont Advanced Printing, shares her views on the direction of digital printing and its effects on the package printing industry and the combination of flexographic and digital printing innovations being developed by DuPont Advanced Printing.

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[Video Trnscript]
So everybody is talking about digital printing and you, your group is active also with the new inks as you were saying?

How much would you think will digital printing effect flexography and what do you think will be the change for the industry?

Yes, so great question. We continue to monitor the trends with digital printing. One trend that we’re seeing is customers putting in kind of combo presses maybe a flexo press and 1 to 2 digital ink stations in the same line and they may not, those lines may not run as fast as they want today but, maybe it’s
good enough for a fraction of their work. We do continue to monitor the trends of digital printing being used in flexible packaging type applications and again as now DuPont Advanced Printing, one team, we will continue to innovate with our packaging graphics part of the team, the digital printing part, to monitor those trends, make sure we’re meeting our customer trends whether it is in flexo or digital printing. I think that’s the real advantage we have and we’re excited about that.

I can understand it and I see a lot of applications and shops where digital printing as such really can compete against flexo but also against offset, also against gravure and all the others. I think the final direction will go in a combination and it makes now really into a replacement, there will be a change, that’s true, but it will be interesting to see how the the industry is coping with this challenge.

Yes, yeah, and the time that it takes to do that, you know and so, I agree we’ll keep monitoring the trends and as DuPont does, we innovate new products all the time to meet the customer needs, to go where the market is going.

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