Flexographic Printing Plate Mounting

Demonstration showing how to mount a flexographic print plate to a 3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tape on a flexo cylinder or sleeve. This video shows how to correctly mount a flexographic print plate. Remove the liner in the first step. Then use two pieces of liner to mask of sections on the front and back of the tape. Leaving a gap of exposed adhesive. Position the plate properly using registration marks. Notice the plate is covering the taped seams this will eliminate tape lifting from the cylinder or sleeve. Use your finger to tack the plate into place. When the plate is in registration use a rubber roller to roll plate to tape using uniform pressure. Lifting the plate away from the tape remove the remaining liner, while rotating the cylinder adhere the plate to the tape. Starting at the middle of the plate use the roller and apply uniform pressure from edge to edge. Make sure to use the roller on the entire plate. Paying extra attention to the leading and trailing plate edge.Trim the excess tape from the edges but be sure to leave at least a quarter of an inch exposed plate. The flexographic plate is properly mounted if all of these instructions are followed.


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