Create Space vs IngramSpark

Hello, this is Ken from BookFuel with a quick rundown of your best PoD distribution options. When it comes to PoD distribution the two best options for self publishers are CreateSpace and IngramSpark. There are many differences between the two services and most of the differences are insignificant. But here a few of the more important differences. CreateSpace is generally easier to use. It has lower upfront costs, lower per-book costs and provides better royalties on sales through There is no fee to upload books to CreateSpace. IngramSpark has more options for trim size and cover finish. They print hard cover as well as paperback. They provide better and cheaper distribution to bookstores, wholesalers, academic institutions and the like. They also allow offset print runs and short digital print runs which can save an author money if he or she wants to print at least 50 copies for something like a giveaway or a signing. Even these differences are rather minor and for the most part a self-publishing author is going to be better off using CreateSpace unless physical bookstores are a significant part of his or her business plan. There is also the option to use both companies which can allow for greater efficiency but higher upfront costs. Be sure to ask your BookFuel author consultant about which option is best for you.

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